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What Is Debt Management?

In short, a debt management plan is a type of formal agreement that has been in between the borrower & the creditor, and discourses all the terms in regard to the outstanding debt. Most times, people avail loans to overcome temporary financial issues, but get caught in a debt swirl, and are unable to repay them to the creditor. When many such debts keep piling up, it ultimately accumulates a lot of interest rates, trouble, & stress. To overcome such situations, the UK government has come up with debt management services that help borrowers in overcoming their debts in a manageable way & have their debts under control. These debt management services come with their own terms & conditions in different countries within the UK i.e., the debt management solutions in England, Wales, & Northern Ireland is different from those in Scotland, and so, it is essential that you are acquainted with all the associable information, as per the residing country’s state laws. There are many different debt management solutions offered in the UK, and at FriskyLoans, you can apply online to avail the most suitable ones. Here is a brief of the debt management plans offered by FriskyLoans and you can easily apply to avail them to conquer your debts in a manageable way.

Our Debt Management Services


Typically, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a type of debt management solution in which your debts can be repaid in a more affordable and controlled way. An IP will coordinate in between you & your creditor, and if 75% of the creditors agree, you can be relieved off your debts legally.

Debt Write Off

Having too many debts could be quite stressful & if you are in a place where you cannot repay them on time to your lenders, you can seek help and reduce your debts by availing the most suitable debt management solutions. Our services can help you write off your debts in the most manageable, safe, & legal ways.

Debt Help

At times when you are in tough positions wherein your debts & their interest rates are piling up but you are unable to repay them, you can solicit to avail suitable debt reduction plans with which you can repay your debts more affordably & manageably to your creditors, and have control over your finances.

Debt Free

Do you have many debts and cannot afford to repay them on time to your creditor? Avail the debt management solutions from FriskyLoans and gain a triumph over your financial issues in a safe & legal way. With our debt reduction plans, you write off your debts to a huge extent and live a debt free life.

How It Works?

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Debt Management Services In The UK

The UK Government backs & offers various debt management services that aim to reduce debts of borrowers who genuinely cannot afford to repay their debts. These debt solutions help the debtors to put away their dire financial situations by writing off the unaffordable debts, and free them of the adverse consequences & relieve them of the stress. These debt management services come with terms that differ in England, Wales, & Northern Ireland, from that of Scotland.

The popular debt management solutions prevailing in England, Wales, & Northern Ireland include –

  • Debt Management Plan – DMP
  • Individual Voluntary Plan – IVA
  • Debt Relief Order – DRO
  • County Court Administration Order
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Bankruptcy

The debt management plans in Scotland include –

  • Debt Arrangement Scheme – DAS
  • Minimal Asset Process – MAP
  • Protected Trust Deed - PTD
  • Sequestration – Scottish Version Of Bankruptcy

Perquisites Of Availing Debt Management Solutions From FriskyLoans

  • Proficient guidance from skilled & efficient Insolvency Practitioners.
  • Dedicated, pro-customer, & considerate solutions & approach to debtors
  • Different debt help solutions to overcome different debt situations
  • Ensured safety, privacy, & confidentiality of the entire process
  • An appreciable reduction in debts & monthly repayments
  • Fair decisions to balance the benefits of the debtor & the creditor

Are You Eligible to Avail of Debt Help Solutions?

Before getting into further details, you should check if you are eligible to avail the debt management services with us. You can use our Eligibility Checker to check it yourself. You will have to satisfy the following basic eligibility criteria to qualify for a debt management solution. However, these are just the basic requirements, and each debt reduction plan comes with its own rules & regulations.

  • Age – Be 21 years & above
  • Residency – Be A Legal UK Resident
  • Address – Have Permanent UK Address
  • Income – Have Regular Income
  • Bank Account – Have An Active Bank Account
  • Bankruptcy – Not be Bankrupt for past 1 year
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