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Representative example: £1000 loan amount taken for 15-months tenure at APR of 36% will have a final repayment amount of £1,256.55 with a payable interest amount of £256.55, and a monthly installment of £83.77. The loan amount can be repaid in installments at a monthly amount of £102.90.

What We Offer

payday loan

Payday Loans

Typically, payday loans are small-sized, short-term loans availed to overcome small-scale financial requirements until the next payday. As the name suggests, payday loan is a credit availed from a lender and is repaid on the next payday or on a scheduled day after the paycheck comes in. It is an unsecured loan available for poor credit scores.

unsecured loans

Unsecured Loans

An Unsecured loan is a short-term loan that is available for borrowers without the requirement of placing any guarantee or collateral as security for the loan. Although most unsecured loans have the credit scores as a primary eligibility criterion, they are also available for people who have a poor credit score also.

bad credit

Bad Credit Loan

As evident from the name, the bad credit loans are offered for people who do not have a very good credit record. These loans may be secured or unsecured, depending on the amount and usage of the loan funds. Since they are offered at a risk to a person with a poor credit history, the lenders tend to impose considerable APR.

debt consolidation loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

To put it simply, the debt consolidation loans are types of crediting options which are used to pay off consolidated debts. Typically, a debt consolidation loan is availed from a lender or a financing company and the funds are used for merging all your impending bills and outstanding dues and paying it off at once.

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Getting a suitable loan at FriskyLoans is as easy as pie! You can apply for them from the warmth of your home or from the comfort of your workplace and have it approved quickly with the funds in your bank account at the earliest.

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If your loan application is approved, the funds will be transferred to your active bank account as soon as possible.

Overcome Your Financial Crunches With Our Loan Funds

Although getting a quick loan could be easy, it is all about getting it from the right source. We are an authorized credit broker, and we are connected to financiers who work to provide quick cash loans to borrowers at best terms. Apart from the preferable terms, we have plenty of reasons to state why our network of lenders is worlds apart from other quick cash lenders and here, we mention a few of them as to why you should consider us to avail a quick loan to fund your varying financial issues.

  • Our Financing team is one of its best consisting of licensed lenders
  • Our reach is huge and wide including a vast network of regulated financiers
  • Our lenders are very virtuous & reliable with an ear for your preferences
  • We follow a transparent & harmonious loan processing protocol
  • We will quickly process the application & give prompt decisions
  • We offer varying types of loan options for different fiscal situations
  • We work with lenders who offer unsecured loans for poor credit record
  • Our financiers will not impose many restrictions for the fund’s usage
  • We will keep your limitations in mind & chalk out an easy repayment plan
  • Our entire team will be available 24 x 7 to cater to your financial needs
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FCA Authorized

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Are You Eligible For Our Loan?

Before getting into further details, you should check if you are eligible to apply for a loan with us. You can use our Eligibility Checker to check it by yourself. You will have to satisfy the following basic eligibility criteria to qualify to apply and avail any of the loans from our lenders.

  • Age – Be 21 years & above
  • Residency – Be A Legal UK Resident
  • Address – Have Permanent UK Address
  • Income – Have Regular Income
  • Bank Account – Have An Active Bank Account
  • Bankruptcy – Not be Bankrupt for past 1 year
Am I Eligible?

APR Disclosure:

Representative example : £1000 loan amount taken for 15-months tenure at APR of 36% will have a final repayment amount of £1,256.55 with a payable interest amount of £256.55, and a monthly installment of £83.77. The loan amount can be repaid in installments at a monthly amount of £102.90.

FriskyLoans is an FCA authorized platform that acts to connect the borrowers with the suitable lenders, but is not to be considered as a direct lender. You can use our website for free without any charges to browse and use our services to apply for a suitable loan. We have a wide network of financiers whose options will be paralleled to choose the best possible lender who will provide a suitable loan according to your preferences at the most considerable APR. Our financiers will provide loans for amounts ranging from £100 up to £5000, accompanied with a maximum APR of 36%. The final imposed APR will depend on the loan amount, loan tenure, and many other factors.

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Implication Of Non-Remittance

It is to be noted that each and every lender will have their own individual policies in regard to their imposing fees, the APR, and the other repayment terms. In an event, where you are not able to repay the amount at the scheduled time, you shall inform the lenders. If not informed, the financiers may contact you via any communication mode that includes by email, letter, phone, text message, etc., to remind you about making the payment. If you continually dodge to make the payments, the financiers may take legal action and may impose additional charges for non-payment. It is requested that you kindly go through all the terms & conditions before finalizing any financial deal.

Payment Collection Pattern

FriskyLoans is an FCA authorized organization and, we work only with the licensed and authorized lenders who sincerely follow the legal & ethical rules while making financial deals. In case of a late or missed payment, the lenders will act as per the norms and will contact you via any mode of communication to arrange for the loan repayment. In case of continued non-payment, the issue may be taken up by a collection agency who may take appropriate actions of adding additional charges, etc. Also, the untimely payment of loans may adversely affect the credit record.

Loan Renewals

In any event, where you wish to overhaul or renew your existing loan, you shall intimate the financier well ahead of time. The lenders may or may not impose the same APR or the fees on the due amount for the next month or remaining tenure. During times of non-payment, there will be an automatic renewal or extension of the loan term with additional charges being imposed on the loan amount. It is essential that you talk with the lender and understand the renewal terms & policies thoroughly before getting into a financial agreement.